Submersible vs Waterproof LED Trailer Lights for Boats

led trialer lights

Deploying boats, amphibious vessels and other types of marine-related equipment at docks are typically facilitated by trailers. LED trailer lights are applicable to providing guidance for operators and pedestrians, notifying individuals about the status of the trailer.

In some cases, trailer lights must be submerged, when deploying vessels, materials or floating docks into the water. This practice is very common and requires the use of special types of LED trailer lights.

Submersible or Waterproof?

The two main types of LED trailer lights applicable to operations at docks include the following: submersible and waterproof. Contrary to popular belief, the rugged luminaries vary greatly. Digging deeper into the technical specifications of the units, a submersible trailer light is equipped with a small hole at the lower part of the casing. This feature is designed to let water drain out, so that water does not get trapped inside the unit.

On the other hand, a waterproof LED trailer light is completely sealed and does not let water into the luminary. Such comparisons matter for LED trailer tail lights, since the automotive fixtures are prone to getting submerged when the trailer is backed up into the water.

Best Practices for Deployment

For increased safety during deployment in the water, one should observe various safety practices. Before backing up into the water, it is recommended to break the connection between the truck’s power components and the trailer. This prevents electrical-related mishaps for tail lights and other luminaries that may be submerged during operation.

Next, when choosing a waterproof LED trailer light, it is important to pay attention to the IP rating on the unit. This marking will provide information about the lamp’s ability to withstand a wide range of water-related activities, from water sprays to submersion. For instance, an IP67 waterproof rating translates to protection from dust and water immersion up to 3.3 feet for 30 minutes